[Laracasts.com] Build a Video Game Aggregator (2020)


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6 Сен 2014
Автор: Laracasts.com
Название: Build a Video Game Aggregator (2020)

In this series, we'll build a video game app that pulls data from the IGDB API and displays game information such as popular titles, coming soon, videos, and screenshots. We'll explore a variety of front-end features with Laravel and other technologies, including the HTTP client, Tailwind CSS, Livewire and Alpine.js.

1. Styling
  • What We're Building
  • Styling the Index Page With Tailwind CSS
  • Make the Index Page Responsive
  • Style a Single Game With Tailwind
  • Make the Single Game Page Responsive
2. The Video Game API

6. Fetch Game Information Using an API
7. Improve Performance
8. Skeleton Loader
9. Use the API to Fetch Details for a Single Game

3. Refactoring

10. Refactoring Views
11. Refactor Views: Part 2
12. Refactoring to Blade Components
4. Testing

13. Testing With HTTP Fakes and Livewire
5. Animations

14. Animating the Rating Progress Bar
15. Animating the Rating Progress Bar: Part 2
6. Alpine

16. Search Dropdown Autocomplete with Livewire
17. Search Dropdowns UX with AlpineJS
18. Modals with AlpineJS
7. Wrapping Up

19. PurgeCSS
20. Conclusion

Не хватает последнего урока курса, но, как найду, обязательно обновлю на диске.
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